Projects > Souvenirs From the Future

This group exhibition explores juxtapositions whether they be visual
or conceptual as well as the connections that can be formed in the
context of a group exhibition. The works included in this exhibit looks
to the future in order to acknowledge the past. They make connections
and blur definitions of ceramic materials, processes. The exhibit
delectably and mysteriously explores tensions between nature and the
synthetic, the hand and the machine, history and the future. This
exhibit brings together nearly 40 artists working in North America, each
working with ceramic material and processes.

Adam Shiverdecker, Adam Welch, Amanda Salov, Angela Carbone, Brett Kern, Brian Harper, Carole Epp, Colleen Toledano, David Bogus, Elenor Wilson, Eric Mirabito, Ian F. Thomas, Israel Davis, Jess Riva Cooper, Joe Pintz, John Zimmerman, Jon McMillan, Kala SteinKate, MacDowell, Kelly Schnorr, Kyle Bauer, Kyungmin Park, Linda Lopez, Lindsay Pichaske, Matt Ziemke, Michaelene Walsh, Molly Ann Bishop, Rain Harris, Roberto Lugo, Sarah Gross, Scott Bennett, Shalene Valenzuela, Stephanie Craig, Tim Berg/Rebekah Myers,Tim Rowan, Valerie Zimany