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Every two years, the Arts Center hosts nationally recognized ceramicists in a symposium on topics central to the contemporary ceramics art world, offering an opportunity to interact and observe ceramic artists working in the top of the field. During two days, this select group of artists demonstrate sculpting processes, wheel throwing, surface decoration and glazing; representing a diverse range of techniques and approaches to ceramic art in studios at the Arts Center while demonstrating their techniques and encouraging dialogue with the audience.

Visiting artists include (as of 2018)
Mark Burns, Tom Bartel, Matt Long, Julia Galloway, Linda Christianson, David Hiltner, Brad Schwieger, Jane Shellenbarger, Bob Archambeau, Dan Anderson, John Balistreri, Janis Mars Wunderlich, Mikey Walsh, Josh DeWeese, Charity Davis-Woodard, Christa Assad, Sam Chung, Russell Wrankle, Pattie Chalmers, Sunshine Cobb, Gerit Grimm, Patty Warashina, Akio Takamori, Stan Welsh, Chris Gustin, Ayumi Horie, Roberto Lugo, Liz Quackenbush, Steve Young Lee, Sergei Isupov, Lisa Clague, Sanam Emami, Kevin Snipes, Sandy Simon, Robert Brady, Alessandro Gallo, Linda Lopez.