Ben Ahlvers
Hank WilliamsHank Williams.  detail.Mother Goose is on the SkidsMother Goose on the Skids.  detailMother Goose on the Skids.  detail 2.Girl with GlassesBoy with GlassesBig ManBig man (detail)My Big NurseMy Big Nurse (detail)My Big Nurse (detail)MeowMeow (detail)Hero & Villain Hero & Villain (detail)Story of IsaacStory of IsaacThe Tigers Won't Fight & the Lions Won't RoarThe Tigers Won't Fight & the Lions Won't Roar. DetailI am Leaving, I am LeavingI am Leaving, I am Leaving. detailBlueBlue. detailWhat They Need is a Damn Good WhackingWhat They Need is a Damn Good Whacking. detail.Open MouthOpen Mouth. detailTight LipPink RaccoonRocket BoyRocket Boy. detailI Miss That Feeling of FeelingI Miss That Feeling of Feeling. detail.10,000 Words10,000 words. detailCarneyKatie DearNeil Young, 1969Neil Young, 1969. detailWell, Just Follow MeWell, Just Follow Me. detailSwim Like DolphinsI'm going to MontanaI'm Going to Montana. detailTightMickeyMooseThe King Hears AllThe King Hears All. detailFilling UpFilling Up. detailUntitledWhat's He Building in There?Joe AhlversWilliam AhlversVictor AhlversInstallationMy Grand Father's HammerLooking Back I Traded Magic for FactDad, Dad, DadDad, Dad, Dad. detailInstallation.  Elementary Identity. Ohio University
This page represents selected works from the past ten years.